Working through challenges together

Couples Coaching

When challenges arise in a relationship, it’s best to work through them together, as a couple.

This is why we work exclusively with couples and tailor our coaching to suit the unique needs of each couple we work with.

We don’t want to see couples stay stuck in the problem, which is why we love the fact that couples coaching is solutions focused. We strive to equip each couple with the tools they need to work through whatever challenges they might face.

Our couples coaching sessions are a safe space for each partner to share their perspective, without interruption, and to be heard from an objective point of view.

What is the difference between Couples Coaching and Couples Therapy?

The biggest difference between coaching and therapy is that coaching asks, “What’s possible?” while therapy focuses on, “What’s the problem?

Couples Coaching is solutions focused and involves implementing practical tools that bring about change. The results are up to each couple and the premise of “What you put in is what you get out” absolutely applies. Therapy often looks at the past, while coaching looks at where you presently are and where you would rather be in your relationship.

Couples Coaching or Couples Therapy?

Some of our fundamental focus areas are:

  • Healthy Communication
  • Setting relationship goals
  • Managing expectations
  • Building trust
  • Resolving conflict
  • Restoring intimacy

Couples Coaching sessions are an hour long. They can either be done face-to-face in Morningside, Durban or online via video call.