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Pairshaped Couple Coaching

Just because things are difficult between you and your partner, doesn’t mean that the relationship has to end…

Nothing happens by mistake. You’ve landed here because you’re probably having trouble communicating with your partner and you’re thinking about couples therapy.

Perhaps there is a lack of intimacy or trust and you’re struggling to connect. You may be arguing a lot and can’t seem to resolve the conflict.

Whatever your relationship struggles, we are here to equip you with the tools you need to work through them, without killing one another in the process!

Our Couple Coaching is based on the belief that if both partners can learn to hold space for each other to feel seen, heard and understood; then they can work through just about any issue together.

What our clients say

“Something of a skeptic by nature, I quickly identified the value that these two remarkable individuals offer, who are both extremely passionate about supporting others by sharing their own journey.“


“You guys are amazing. Your approach is great as you don’t make the sessions so tense and serious. We really liked the activities and they still help us even now!”


“It feels great to have a safe space to heal through conversations and plan a beautiful relationship ahead.”


“Couple Coaching was really good for us to reflect on how we can be more attentive to each other’s feelings. Mostly to listen to each other and watch our tone. Heather and Benton are super stars.”


“Heather and Benton are the most amazing couple coaches! They are so practical and helpful and really help you better your relationship and strengthen your communication skills. They practically help you work through any challenges you may have.”


“Heather and Benton are amazing people to work with. They provide a journey that is so practical in nature and easy to grasp. My wife and I have gone through a transformation where we not only understand each other better, but also understand our own individual personalities much better as well.”


“The Coaching was very helpful in improving my relationship with my partner. We were able to work through the different challenges we had and are now more hopeful about the future of our relationship.”


“It was an enlightening course which equips you with tools and aids to improve how you communicate with your partner and to be more aware of listening to your partner.”


“It is my personal opinion that every couple that intends to start a meaningful life together should attend this coaching.”


“It was wonderful having a couple sitting across from us who listened and were impartial, and then could give us the tools, vocabulary and skills to better communicate with and understand each other.”


“It was not like any therapy session I’ve been to before and was definitely coaching! If you want a better golf swing, you go and get a coach ~ if you want a better relationship, you had better go to PairShaped! Wonderful experience, would do it again ~ quantifiable value!!”


“Being able to experience another couple’s objective view on our challenges as a couple was extremely powerful – I saw my partner’s point of view from the eye’s of a third person, which helped me to appreciate it in a way that I hadn’t before.”


“Heather (bad cop) and Benton (good cop) have a great balance of confrontation as well as compassion, dished out at what seemed like the perfect times.”


Who we are

Heather and Benton are both qualified Life and Relationship coaches who are navigating their own relationship and are passionate about helping other couples do the same.

They are a coaching couple (yes they are both coaches and they are a couple) who believe in relationships that are real, honest and vulnerable.

Heather (bad cop) loves authenticity and speaking her truth. She is not afraid to ask tough questions, but is a great listener too.

Benton (good cop) is inspired by introspection and understanding. He is empathetic and always strives to see things from different perspectives.

What we do

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Couples Coaching

When challenges arise in a relationship, it’s best to work through them together, as a couple…

Listen, Love, Learn
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Couples Retreats

What better way to take some time out and grow your relationship than by spending a weekend away…

Rest, Revive, Reconnect
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Couples Workshops

Work on your relationship in a comfortable group setting and meet other couples with shared goals…

Brave, Bond, Build
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Online Courses

Learn practical relationship tools and skills from the comfort of your own home and set your own pace…

Tips, Tools, Team

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